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Coworking Les Galeries is a coworking and art space based in Brussels’ Galeries Royales Saint­Hubert.

The historical galeries are an invitation to stroll gently around one of the most prestigious covered passageways in Europe. It neighbours the Gare Centrale (3’ walk) and the famous Grand Place, known as the most beautiful Grand Place in the world. Les Galeries Saint Hubert are a microcosm of elegance and grandeur house shops, restaurants, flats and even a theatre The Royal Theatre and a cinema Cinéma Galeries.

Coworking Les Galeries is about freedom, and flexibility. Work when and how you like it. Meet, share and bond. We know that café squatting is not professional enough, working from home is either too isolating or too distracting and leasing an office space is just too expensive. We offer fixed and flexible desks with the necessary infrastructure like power, wi-­fi, printer, scanner. At Coworking Les Galeries we create the right environment for you to get more accomplished in less time. Just grab any spot that’s available (desk, couch, bar …), plug in your laptop, and you are good to go. We take care of everything else.

In Coworking Les Galeries your constraints are our constraints, your pressure is ours. Within this authentic building you will access a refined and convivial working place but not only. Coworking Les Galeries is more than that. We work hard to cater your professional interests and create an ecosystem where startups, enterprises, freelancers and every professional grow faster. You will meet inspiring change­makers and from the strength of our network, serendipity collaboration opportunities will surface. We believe magic happens when like minded people share a space.